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Top 5 Moments from the DC Extended Universe
November 15, 2017

Are you ready for Justice League?

We’re a day away before DC’s own superhero team-up Justice League finally arrives in theaters. While it may not be in the same caliber as Marvel’s own Cinematic Universe, it still gains its own cult following especially with die-hard comic book fans.

Justice League will be the fifth entry in the DC Extended Universe (DCEU), and we’ll be taking a look at the previous four movies and highlight the best moments. Read on…

No Man’s Land (Wonder Woman) – Undoubtedly one of the best scenes not just in the DECU but in all of comic book movies, this critically-acclaimed solo feature was one of our favorites this year. Realizing that only she (Diana) can help save the people who are being oppressed, she musters up the courage and face the enemy in one of cinema’s greatest moments.

Superman Flies (Man of Steel) – It may not be the favorite among all of the Superman adaptations, but there’s something humane in this scene that made us care about the character. I literally cheered when he first made his first flight.

Meet Harley Quinn (Suicide Squad) – While the movie wasn’t a hit with critics, many praised Margot Robbie for the portrayal of Harley Quinn. This scene alone is worth the admission of the ticket and undoubtedly inspired future cosplays.

Wonder Woman’s Arrival and Doomsday Fight (Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice) – It had its share of haters, but one of the best moments from this film is the introduction of Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman, who we finally see on the big screen after years of development hell. Oh, even that theme song is something worth playing over and over.

“I believe in Love” (Wonder Woman) – DCEU’s best film also had its best moments. Aside from the No Man’s Land scene, this part showcases how Diana finally realizes that she must be a hero and her driving force is of course, the power of love.

Justice League opens everywhere tomorrow, November 16th. Watch the trailer below:

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