Turn your Garden into a ‘Smart Garden’

June 17, 2015

Improve your green thumb with these awesome gadgets for your garden.

Gardening can be an equally challenging and fun hobby but as technology progresses there has been a plethora of gadgets that help you become a ‘smart’ gardener. You can still rely on your old tools to tend to your plants, or you can check on this list to help make your garden in tip top shape.

Garden Manager: Plant Alarm

An Android App that will help you monitor your plants. Garden Manage: Plant Alarm will help you keep track as to when you would need to water, spray or fertilize your plants. There is even an option where you can take an image and create a photodiary of your plants that you can share with your friends online. You can download Garden Manager: Plant Alarm for free here

Wise Orchard

Currently sourcing funds on a Kickstarter campaign, the Wise Orchard is a smart irrigation system that automatically adjusts your watering schedule. This means that the device can pull weather information online for your location and in turn makes a personalized watering schedule. This way, it can save your time and money since it would know precisely when the plants need to be watered.

Parrot Flower Power

Parrot’s Flower Power may seem like the name for the next Powerpuff Girls episode, but this smart gadget is all you need to monitor your plants. You have a sensor that you place in the soil that has sensors that can detect various parameters of your plants’ health. This includes the temperature, sunlight, fertilizer and moisture. An app (available on iOS and Android devices) is needed to connect to the sensor, where it can give you an overview of your plants’ status. The Parrot Flower Power costs $59.95 (220 AED).

PLM UniLED Square Solar Tiles

A nice garden should be well-lit right? Normally lighting options cost a lot but the PLM UniLED Square Solar Tiles costs only 55 GBP (318 AED) each. It’s an easy to install lighting fixture that should illuminate your garden. The best part is that the lights automatically light up at dusk after being charged in daylight that can last for about 8 hours. The battery is made from Ni-MH cells that can last for up to 5 years.

Garden Plan Pro iPad

This $7.99 app is made for the iPad but can also be used on the iPhone. The Garden Plan Pro helps you organize how your plants would look like once you’ve entered a specific location. It can analyze your garden and then give you a layout and reminder schedule on how your plants should be monitored. Additionally, you also have the chance to get personal support from Garden Plan Pro on any gardening issues that you may have.


This open source project from Public Labs is actually a camera that you can build or buy ($10) that helps you analyze plant health with near-infrared imagery. It somehow gives you an overview on the ‘secret’ lives of plants. It’s also a great tool that you can use whether you’re a gardener or not.

Green IQ Smart Garden Hub

The Green IQ is a device that intelligently manages your garden’s irrigation system and lighting schedule. It uses advanced mobile and cloud technologies so you can easily manage your garden anytime, anywhere. It promises to give you up to 50% savings on your water bill. The Green IQ costs $250 (918 AED).

Hoont Electronic Pest Eliminator

The Hoont Electronic Pest Eliminator will let you eliminate unwanted pests on your garden and we all know how much of a burden that can be. A ‘deep penetrating’ electromagnetic technology that can travel through wires sends a signal that irritates pests that will prevent them from going inside your garden.


Niwa is the first smartphone-controlled growing system. Niwa is fully automated and will attend to all your plants’ needs, making sure its growing to optimal conditions. It’s small and compact, letting you place it anywhere in the house and the same time, big enough to grow a plethora of fruits and vegetables. The best bit? An app on your smartphone can be installed so you can monitor the plants from anywhere. The Niwa costs $279 (1025 AED).


The VegiBee is a $49.99 (184 AED) gadget that pollinates gardens just like bees. VegiBee can imitate the high frequency vibrations made by the bee’s wings during the pollination process. The vibrations created from this allow the flower to release pollen and into a special collection spoon. This special process would allow you to boost the average garden yield by up to 30% every year.

Is there anything on the list that you we missed out? Give us a shout out in the comments below!

by Victor
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