Watch Out: Timepieces for every occasion

August 18, 2014

You probably already grabbed a look at our Watch Guide in last month’s issue, but just in case you didn’t or if you just need to refresh your memory, here are the top picks of the wrist wear that’ll fit practically any wardrobe.

Eveningwear: Sharpen Up

Orolog OC1 Chronograph


Want to sidestep the classic watch brands? Wear new Spanish designer Jaime Hayon’s limited-edition creation. Using leather from Hermes and a Swiss movement, it’s a Euro hit.

Approx. $1,160,


At Your Leisure: Street Style

Square Street Minuteman Two Hand


The glistening black, hand-made Italian acetate bezel and blood-orange strap make a striking combo, even at up to 30 meters underwater.

Approx. $160,


Action Stations: To the Extreme

Tag Heuer Monaco V4 Tourbillon


With a complex face based on a Formula 1 engine, this hand-assembled V4is driven by precision ball bearings and four belts the thickness of a human hair. No wonder Tag puts all those workings on display.

Approx. $96,000,


Cutting Edge: Get Technical

Seiko Astron GPS Solar

seiko-astron-gps-solar-steel-sast025-face-view (1).jpg

Built-in GPS allows the Astron to correct itself to all time zones automatically. Its perpetual calendar is correct until 2100 and its dial converts sunlight to pure power.

Approx. $2,550,


Off the Wall: The Outer Limits

Greubel Forsey Platinum GMT


A GMT watch displays the hour in dual time zones, but this beast goes further, with a globe that spins in 24-hour cycles, not only lightening up the hour as it moves but also moving a black scale to indicate nightfall.

Approx. $566,400,

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