Why did Samsung choose Antalya, Turkey for its 2015 Forum?

February 20, 2015

Did you know Antalya is one of the world’s most touristic destinations? In fact, last year, this eclectic city was ranked the third most visited city worldwide.

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Antalya is actually Turkey’s largest international sea resort with a population of about 1 million. Set on the outskirts of the Mediterranean Sea, this historic city not only has a high concentration of five-star resorts with about 150 in the City Center alone, it is also near the ancient Roman city, Perge (or as the Turkish call it, ‘Pergia’).

Antalya became the stop of the world’s most influential empires, from the Persians to Alexander the Great along with the Romans and Arabs. The location offers many ideal sites for tourists such as Antalya’s two beaches: Lara and Konyaalti. The Taurus Mountains shield the city from the northerly winds and the summers are hot and dry along with mild winters. Temperatures by the sea go as high as 27 degrees Celsius low as 16 degrees Celsius.  

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The city matches the Anatolian lifestyle and preserves tradition with its many historical locations. So it’s no surprise Samsung Electronics chose to hold its annual Forum there this year, and it was truly an honor to be part of the experience.


The Kundu area in particular has renowned theme hotels. We stayed at the Maxx Royal Belek Golf Resort as the chosen venue for Samsung’s 2015 Forum. Its famous golf courses are among the many prominent ones found in Belek, making it one of the most well-known golf destinations in the Mediterranean region.

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The all suite hotel is designed in a luxurious fashion and its standard rooms are at 72-82 sq m with 24-hour food and beverage catering, so Samsung’s guests had unaltered access to all these amenities. We not only found several restaurants and shops along with a luxe spa and sports area, the well-organized Convention Center is conveniently situated in close proximity to guests’ rooms, which made our commute and stay easier. There’s even a large play area for children so family vacations can also be catered to.

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Upon our arrival at the hotel for the Forum, media guests were welcomed with beverages and sweets in accordance to a post-Valentine’s Day décor with an emphasis on red roses and artistic sculptures. Modern touches blended with tradition.


After getting introduced to the Samsung team, we attended the much-awaited conference where we were presented with the latest innovative new lines covering all categories from the kitchen and laundry room to mobiles and the amazing SUHD TV.

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After, we got a personal tour of the exposition set just outside the Forum room, where we got the chance to try out the appliances first-hand and enter the world of Samsung’s vision. A 105” screen TV with a hefty price tag of $120,000 stuck out amidst the other unique televisions on display. We were in awe of the new Chef Collection, which included refrigerators that have the power to vacuum out any odor along with a screen on the exterior displaying what’s on the inside and a digital temperature display.

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On the third day, we enjoyed a historical tour of Antalya and visited the Roman Empire ruins in Perge, the Duden Waterfalls, and the City Center where shops and tourists were visibly aplenty.  Samsung’s heritage goes in parallel to the city’s charm. 

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