How to Access Instagram’s Birthday Easter Egg

October 12, 2020

Happy birthday, Instagram!

Just last week, the popular photo-sharing platform Instagram just celebrated its 10th birthday. The celebrations included a new app update with some new features, but it also came with a nifty Easter Egg that takes throwback to a whole new level.

Accessible through Android and iOS devices (as long as you’ve updated to the latest version), the Easter Egg will let you change the Instagram icon and cycle back through its different versions. A total of 13 icons are available for you to try out, including the classic Polaroid-style icon from the early days of Instagram.

Follow the steps below on how to access the Instagram Easter Egg:

Open Instagram and head to the Profile tab.

Tap the three-line icon on the upper right corner to bring up the menu.

Tap Settings which will bring you to another menu screen.

Scroll your finger all the way down until you see this animation.

You will then be taken to this screen where you can change your Instagram icon.

by Victor
Tech Enthusiast and Movie Buff.