How to Set a Default Email App on iOS 14

October 18, 2020

You can finally use third-party email apps on iOS 14.

One of the few changes introduced in iOS 14 is the ability to use third-party apps as a default for sending and receiving an email. For the longest time, iOS only defaulted to the Mail that will automatically open when you need to send an email, which became an added annoyance to those who prefer using the available alternatives. 

Certain third-party email clients like Gmail and Outlook now allow you to set it as the default email client. If you want to the same on your iPhone or iPad running iOS 14/iPadOS 14, you can follow these steps:

Download and install a compatible third-party email app (in this case, we chose Gmail).

Head to Settings and scroll all the way down to find the app setting for Gmail.

Inside, look for the Default Mail App setting.

Once there you can immediately select Gmail to make it the default email client.

In addition to email apps, you can also set a default browser app on iOS 14/iPadOS 14 by following the same steps.

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by Victor
Tech Enthusiast and Movie Buff.