How To Use iOS 14’s Coolest Accessibility Feature

September 27, 2020

Take screenshots by tapping the back of your iPhone.

One of the new features introduced in iOS 14 is an accessibility setting that lets you configure a tap on the back of the iPhone to initiate a command. In this case, you can configure a double tap or a triple tap to take a screenshot or even lock the screen.

Of course, accessibility features are made for users with disabilities in a bid to make iPhones and other devices easy to use. But yes, it’s also a cool feature that you can enable and take advantage of.

Follow these steps on how to configure the Back Tap accessibility function on your iPhone running iOS 14:

Open Settings and look for the Accessibility menu.

Under Physical and Motor, look for Touch.

Scroll down below and look for Back Tap.

Choose which Back Tap action you want to use.

Inside each option, you can choose what action to trigger when doing the Back Tap. In my case, I use a triple tap to take a screenshot.

And that’s it. There aren’t many to choose from, but I’ve found it easier using a Back Tap action to take a screenshot compared to pressing the physical buttons.

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by Victor Philip Ortiz
Tech Enthusiast and Movie Buff. When he’s not busy playing with the latest games, Victor usually spends his time collecting Blu-rays and building his own movie library. As the Online Editor for T3 Middle East, he develops and writes content for which includes reviews, features, and videos in addition to managing its social media and web content.