Use a QR code to easily join a Wi-Fi network

June 30, 2020

A modern lifehack for everyone.

I’m sure you’ve encountered guests in your house asking if they can connect to your Wi-Fi network, and then you end up giving away your password which at times isn’t really the wisest move. You can always create a separate network for guests but not all routers support that.

But through the power QR codes, you can easily create a code that can be scanned by any smartphone that will allow it to automatically connect to your network and enter the password automatically so you don’t have to reveal it.

Since most smartphones can now read QR codes straight from the camera app, you can simply tell your guests to point at the QR code and then connect right away.

Follow these steps on how to create a QR code for your network:

First, you need to create a QR code. Open your browser and head to the QR Code Generator website where you will be able to create your own code.

On the website, select ‘Wi-Fi’.

Enter the details about your Wi-Fi network, including the SSID and the password.

Once you are done, select ‘Generate QR Code’.

From there, you now have an image of your QR Code. You can either print it or save a copy on your smartphone so that you can just ask people to scan it if they want to connect.

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by Victor
Tech Enthusiast and Movie Buff.