Use your Apple Watch as iPhone camera’s viewfinder

February 21, 2021

A neat trick to utilize the iPhone’s rear camera.

The iPhone already has one of the most advanced cameras available, making it an instant replacement to traditional cameras. I’ve personally used an iPhone for years, and until a couple of years ago I realized how great the device is in taking images and even video. When I usually send images of myself or with friends walking around the places we visit, I would normally use the front-facing camera and while the quality is great, I would still prefer to use the rear cameras of the iPhone.

But isn’t usually easy since you don’t really see the screen. I have an iPhone 12 Pro, and it would be great if I can utilize the ultra-wide-angle lens when taking my own shots. As I scrolled around social media, I read about this new trick that can let you use the rear cameras of your iPhone to shoot images easily – if you own an Apple Watch.

The trick here is you can use the display of your Apple Watch as a viewfinder while it is connected to your iPhone. If you own an Apple Watch, then you should know that there is actually a built-in Camera app on it, which lets you use it as an alternative viewfinder.

Now it’s only a matter of attaching your Apple Watch on your iPhone, where you can now easily see from the rear cameras to take your shot. It’s a simple trick that doesn’t need any extra effort, and it’s a eureka moment for me that’s for sure and I may be laughing at myself for not thinking about this solution before.

by Victor
Tech Enthusiast and Movie Buff.