Fitbit gets Versa-tile

April 21, 2018
Fitbit Versa

The company has shown off its latest product line at the IFA 2018 Global Press Conference.

As one of the primary sponsors for IFA 2018, Fitbit gave us an overview on what to expect on the company’s line of fitness trackers and smartwatches during the IFA 2018 Global Press Conference held in Rome, Italy.

On display during the show is the Fitbit Flex, Charge Alta and Alta HR accompanied by the Fitbit Ace, Ionic, and the recently released Fitbit Versa.

The Fitbit Versa is the company’s latest smartwatch, which was the highlight of the company’s keynote during the conference. The Versa is lightweight and feels like a mashup of an Apple Watch and the Pebble Watch. I’ve held it for a while and I can definitely tell it’s way lighter than the Apple Watch I’m used to wearing.

It also looks way better than the Fitbit Ionic. I remembered using only the Ionic when I do workouts since it’s not something I’d like to wear on casual night outs or going to work. But the Versa is stylish enough that it is suitable for use in any occasion.

It pairs with the same Fitbit app used for all of its existing hardware so if you’re a Fitbit user it’s easier to migrate your data to the previous one.

It also looks like they have polished Fitbit OS which is now on version 2.0. The OS is one of my complaints on the Ionic, which uses the same platform. In 2.0 it looks like it is now faster in terms of navigating and opening apps and includes a bunch of new features.

It’s a new strategy for the company, which now focuses on certain health aspects that weren’t highlighted before. This includes the Fitbit Ace which is a fitness tracker made for kids, and even a special feature on the Fitbit app that includes information for women that can help them track reproductive health, menstrual cycles and the like.

We’ll get more details about the Fitbit Versa during its official launch in the UAE which will happen this week so stay tuned.

by Victor
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