Meet Chris: The digital assistant for drivers

April 20, 2018

Enjoy your apps while your eyes are on the road.

We’ve seen various enhancements made for vehicles that aim to help you be connected while making sure your eyes are still focused on the road. Meet Chris, a digital assistant that’s made especially for drivers.

This small device will act as a secondary interface for your smartphone, offering you an easier way to access your smartphone’s content without distracting you from driving. The circular display and can connect to apps like messaging, emails, calls and music and will show an interface where you can safely navigate it.

It’s primarily operated by voice, which could even be a companion on solo road trips. What’s more, it even supports hand gestures so you don’t have to push any buttons.

You can easily compare this to other voice assistants that are already present on your smartphone like Siri or Google Assistant, but what makes Chris different is that it can also work offline – something that the other assistants cannot do.

Additionally, it can keep itself updated by over-the-air updates where it can immediately have more than 100 maps for various cities and countries.

Chris will be officially launched during this year’s IFA 2018 in Berlin with a 299 Euro price tag.

by Victor
Tech Enthusiast and Movie Buff.