Miele’s Dialog Oven cooks using radio frequency!

April 20, 2018

It’s not science fiction.

As one of the key presenters during the IFA 2018 Global Press Conference, Miele has already proven itself as one of the top kitchen appliance manufacturers in the world. The key highlight of its presentations revolves around an oven.

Yes, an oven – not very techy when you hear it at first, but Miele’s Dialog Oven is actually one of the best ovens I’ve seen in a while and simply hearing the way it cooks your foods would make you want to purchase one right away.

You see, the Dialog Oven actually uses radio frequency (they call it M Chef Technology) to cook your food much like a microwave. But in case of microwaves, the radio waves that heat up the food are in one constant frequency; hence cooking is usually uneven. With the Dialog Oven, the microwaves actually listen to your food and determine how much frequency it should have – the result? A more even way of cooking.

The science behind it is so interesting and to prove its point, Miele showed a fish frozen inside a block of ice. When placed in the Dialog Oven for a couple of minutes, the fish was cooked perfectly WHILE the ice is still frozen solid.

Yes, we can’t believe our eyes either.

The Dialog Oven’s different way of cooking also means that food cooks faster than the usual. Food that usually takes hours to cook now only happen in minutes and with the exact same result.

And of course, it’s app-enabled. The Dialog Oven will offer more than 100 recipes through its app that you could use.

The price? Prepare your wallet because the Dialog Oven is will be priced at $9,500 and will initially release in Germany this year.

by Victor
Tech Enthusiast and Movie Buff.