Philips wants to help you sleep better

April 20, 2018

Company introduces new tools in making sure you get enough sleep.

During the IFA 2018 Global Press Conference today, Philips showcased its latest technologies that will help us get more sleep. But why sleep? Philips says that a big percentage of the average working person is not able to complete 7-8 hours sleep which is the recommended average. This results in a less productive well-being, which in turn isn’t really good for your overall health.

For Philips, they’ve developed SmartSleep, a combination of software and hardware backed by years of research that aims to help you sleep better. How? Through the use of this headband that you put on before you go to bed.

This wearable is said to help improve your sleep through the use of sensors that emit quiet audio tones. This, in turn, will increase your ‘slow wave sleep’ which is basically when you are in deep sleep, i.e. the time when your body refreshes itself. It then learns from your sleep patterns the more you use it, enabling it to work around your routine. Many users claimed to have improved sleep after using for the first time, a sentiment that Philips is proud of.

Along with SmartSleep, Philips has also introduced app-connected air purifiers that give you more information on the quality of the air that you are breathing. Even if you say your surroundings look clear, there are various invisible factors that might affect your health or trigger your allergies. Philips aims to help you live a more comfortable and healthier lifestyle starting with the air that you breathe.

by Victor
Tech Enthusiast and Movie Buff.