The future of TVs will be 8K!

April 20, 2018

Sharp introduces the first 8K TV-Monitor.

At the 2018 IFA Global Press Conference held today in Rome, Sharp has introduced the world’s first 8K TV-Monitor. Available starting at the end of April, the LV-70X500E will offer more than 33 million pixels with a crazy 7680-by-4320-pixel resolution.

Sharp says that this is the next big thing in TVs, explaining the progression of displays starting from full HD screens to 4K, which to be honest is still on the process of being adopted by everyone. This TV has a 70-inch display, which should be enough for you to see all the crazy details that 8K has to offer. Like all of Sharp’s displays, the LV-70X500E includes other technologies such as HLG and HDR10 for the best image quality possible.

The LV-70X500E includes a total of 8 HDMI ports, and 4 of those are solely dedicated to producing the 8K signal from 4 separate 4K ports. If you have a still image shot in 8K resolution, you can conveniently see them on the TV in its native resolution. Don’t worry if your content isn’t in 8K, the Sharp LV-70X500E also includes an upscaling feature that doesn’t just blow-up the image but also enhances it.

The problem is though is that 8K content is only available to a select few sources like YouTube and even there you can only play 8K video on a computer that can handle it.

“Since the onset of television technology, the goal was to create the perfect illusion on a screen. At the dawn of the HD era, the resolution was mainly about sharpness. But sharpness must not be an end in itself. Current TV pictures don’t lack sharpness, they lack naturalness. Together with enhancing resolution, we also have to enhance color reproduction and contrast to get as close as technologically possible to a real-life image,” explains Sascha Lange, Vice President Marketing and Sales Europe.

Already available in select countries including China and Russia, the 70-inch Sharp LV-70X500E will arrive in European markets for 11,999 Euros.


by Victor
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