Bridgestone’s Ecopia tire range is for the environmentally conscious

July 16, 2015

Bridgestone’s latest ECOPIA range, due for release in the Middle East later this year, adds more power and confidence to your drive, so that you can grip the road you zip along with firmness, while also playing down fuel consumption.

A tighter hold on the road is applied through a heightened degree of rolling resistance flying on the wings of Bridgestone’s trademark formula. Unique technology amounts to a double whammy of lower rolling resistance without taking away from the wear life of the tire. The end result is a more powered up ride with minimal tire waste and less fuel consumption. 



Stopping power is also improved, hinged on the rib-linked blocks design that the tires constitute, which enables a consistent and uniform contact with the terrain when the car is braking. Its optimized 3D block shape also minimizes block lift off, adding a higher degree of safety for the driver, playing down the slipping factor when driving in adverse weather conditions.

And beyond its fluid engineering, the ECOPIA range is riveting with enhanced tech. The EP200 tire, for example, puts into effect Bridgestone’s new Nano Pro-TechTM process which optimizes the use of silica, while in the meantime playing down heat generation and off-setting excessive energy loss. 

by Ghassan Khayyat
Ghassan was tuned into the writing world on a transistor radio-wave of an unbeknownst frequency, once upon a daydream dreary. With a firm belief in Dr. Seussims and all things gadget and gizmo-tronic, he tinkers before he speaks, and chooses his words technologically. He is Editor for T3 Middle East’s Levant English publication and English website, and Associated Editor for the GCC English publication. Reach him at