Experience a whole new way to drive with OnStar from General Motors

November 17, 2022

There’s a lot of tech packed into a modern automobile. Everything from Bluetooth streaming to wireless charging has made its way into our cars, offering us better driving experiences with each new addition. Connectivity has also improved immensely, with modern vehicles offering exciting new ways to interact with our smartphones to keep us informed while on the road. Now you can enjoy all this tech and more, thanks to OnStar from General Motors. From easier navigation thanks to Google built-in, to one-button roadside assistance, your driving experience gets even better.

Technology such as OnStar is a prime example of how continued research and development can lead to a sophisticated safety and security system that is unmatched with anything else on the market. Available in select vehicles within the GMC, Cadillac and Chevrolet range in UAE and Kuwait only, OnStar provides roadside assistance and emergency help 24/7 with just a push of a button inside your car. All of this is backed by a human touch, so you can instantly be connected with an advisor to guide you through whatever situation you’re going through, and even stay on the line until assistance arrives. Apart from this, there’s a host of other great tech to make your driving experience even smoother.

Take for example, navigation. Rather than struggling to navigate by looking at your phone’s small display, you can use Google built-in on select GM vehicles to easily navigate to your next destination. You don’t even need to have your phone plugged in for this feature to work – you can simply input your destination manually or using your voice, and your car takes care of the rest. With Google built-in, you can easily stay connected to family and friends, stay updated on incoming messages and calls, and quickly reply without needing to touch your phone. There’s also support for adjusting various car settings such as the air conditioning, all just by using your voice. You also have access to the Google Play app store to download several apps including music, podcasts, news, sports, weather, audio books and more.

Staying connected while on the road is also now easier than ever, thanks to the onboard 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspot built into your vehicle. It can be hard to keep kids entertained in the back seat on long drives without their favorite videos and games, and if you’ve forgotten to download them to their devices beforehand, it can certainly be a challenging drive ahead. With an active data plan, you can connect seven devices, so your kids can stream their favorite videos at any time.

The Wi-Fi hotspot operates independently of your mobile device battery and is powered by your vehicle. You can also use your in-vehicle Wi-Fi even if you’re not in the car, as the connectivity range is 15m. Say goodbye to driving around looking for a coffee shop with Wi-Fi when you can enjoy your own wireless internet anytime you need it.

Last, but not least, myBrand App is your one-stop app for everything you need to know about your car. You can use it to start your car remotely, perform vehicle diagnostics, locate your car, manage your Wi-Fi and OnStar subscriptions, get driving habit insights, and much more. Wonder if you’ve got enough fuel in your car to make that last-minute road trip? You can easily check on features such as your car’s fuel level, oil life, and tire pressure all within the app, making it a must-have app for any GM vehicle owner.

If you want the very best experience from your GM vehicle, then OnStar is a service that you will want to subscribe to. There are several plans on offer, depending on what you want to get out of the service, so you can opt to pay for exactly what you need.

OnStar is currently available for GM customers in the UAE and Kuwait on select models. For more details and subscription information visit, onstararabia.com

by T3 Middle East