Ford will soon turn your car into a Batpod

January 3, 2016

Company patents technology that would mimic Batman’s awesome two-wheeler.

Remember that awesome scene from 2008’s The Dark Knight where a two-wheeled Batpod came from the Tumbler after it has been destroyed. Well, it seems like that technology will soon be making its way to vehicles soon with famed carmaker Ford patenting a similar technology.

 Reports say that Ford has filed a patent a system that would allow a standard vehicle to work as a powered unicycle. Ford mentions a typical scenario where a person can park the car in a far place, then use the powered unicycle to travel. One of the wheels can be easily detached and placed on the unicycle.

It is too early to say if and when vehicles like these will arrive on the roads. A lot of factors would need to be considered for it to be approved – and that might take a while.

by Victor
Tech Enthusiast and Movie Buff.