Huawei unveils new electric vehicles powered by HarmonyOS

April 19, 2021

In collaboration with BAIC Group.

Huawei is officially hopping on to the electric vehicle market as it launches new automated-driving solutions this week, including one that runs on the company’s own HarmonyOS as reported by Nikkei Asia. This means that Huawei-developed technologies will be integrated into electric vehicles, namely the Arcfox Alpha S from Chinese-owned BAIC Group.

The announcement is part of Huawei’s $1 billion investment in the development of self-driving and electric vehicle technologies. Two versions of the Arcfox Alpha S were revealed, both running on HarmonyOS. The premium vehicle will be the first to run Huawei’s own operating system, which will also make its way to its mobile phone line as current sanctions imposed by the United States are still in place that prevents Huawei from running Google services on its devices.

Note that Huawei will only offer the technologies and solutions utilized by the electric vehicle, and will not manufacture the cars themselves. Huawei’s announcement was part of the Shanghai auto show that took place this week.

Some of the features of the HarmonyOS-powered Arcfox Alpha S crossover include a lidar sensor essential for autonomous driving. The vehicles can run around 708 kilometres from a single charge, compare that to the Tesla Model Y that has a range of 594 kilometres from a full charge.

by Victor
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