Rolls-Royce launches its latest apparition in Beirut
March 22, 2015

Rolling out in red-carpet status, the new addition to the Rolls-Royce Ghost family has brought out more than an upgraded take to a clear illusion.  Officially released in Beirut, the Ghost Series II blends the classical and modern dimensions of British luxury. 

8 things we love about  it

Determined Core

Going from 0-100kph in just 4.9 seconds, the Ghost takes the driver seat to another level. An uber potent V12 engine comes on the high specs side to bring forth the effects of the Ghost’s twin turbo 6.6L powerful hub.  

Light of Nobility

The power under the bonnet is exuded by the ultra modern and lavishly designed LED headlights that can be recognized from pretty much any corner. To top that off, unbroken daytime running lights surround them to give extra shine.

Majestic Exterior

The sculpting of the front bumper includes chrome finishes on the lower grille to give that contemporary scheme. Finished off with the infamous Rolls-Royce logo and radiator mascot, the brand’s iconic Gold Flying Lady hood ornament wraps up the luxe.  

Top Turner

A strong statement is made with new 21-inch wheels that come in five different wheel designs and two different finishes to give each vehicle a unique character. Self-righting wheel centers also allow for the Rolls-Royce monogram to always be correctly displayed.

In Control

The Spirit of Ecstasy Rotary Controller not only allows you to access directions, you can get to the internet, music and scribe letters on the touchpad with a simple swipe. Use your voice to enter the navigation system or to call contacts.


To make driving a breeze on any terrain, the Ghost has a Head Up Display that projects driving information directly onto the windscreen to allow you to concentrate on the road. Get the speed limit and directions to a destination all while staying focused.

Future Anticipator

Prepping the driver, Satellite Aided Technology utilizes GPS content to scan the road and allow for automatically selecting the right gear on the 8-speed transmission. Power is delivered without making any gear changes.

Risk Averter

Thermal images of animals and pedestrians located up to 30 meters away from the vehicle are shown on the Control Center Display thanks to a hidden infrared cam in the grille that detects body heat. Get a clear picture of such on the Multimedia Interface to avoid accidents.

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