Waymo’s self-driving cars are here
November 8, 2017

Will you be willing to ride without a driver?

After more than eight years of developing and enhancing the features of its self-driving car, Waymo is now officially started transporting passengers autonomously, meaning that no driver will be resent. The rides will start in the Phoenix metro region, slowly expanding to other areas.

Waymo mentioned that a rigorous testing phase was done for these vehicles, which originally began as a Google project back in 2009. More than 20,000 scenario tests were done along with various simulations to make the vehicles one of the most experienced rivers on the road.

The company also mentioned that the autonomous vehicles includes various safety features like backup steering and braking that should help stop the vehicle if needed.

Waymo is starting a driverless service where they will invite the public to test out the cars. They can use this to commute to their offices or take their kids to school.

Whilst I enjoy driving, letting someone else drive is particularly convenient – still, I still have second thoughts about driverless vehicles, but I don’t mind checking them out.

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