Whirlpool Corporation brings iconic KitchenAid appliances to Lebanon
July 17, 2018

Vertigo fridge- freezer included

Whirlpool in partnership with ACES SAL, a major provider of international household and audio visual products in Lebanon, have launched the KitchenAid domestic appliances for the Lebanese market. Fueled by the vision to combine professional performance, artisan quality and iconic design, KitchenAid’s products are more than just tools; they inspire passionate makers to express their culinary creativity and enjoy a thrilling experience.

The KitchenAid product portfolio offers a full range of products including the Iconic Fridge, Twelix Artisan oven, the Vertigo fridge freezer and wine cellars, the Chef Touch System comprising of the steam oven, vacuum machine and shock freezer with other appliances such as a microwave, coffee machine, a hood and a Hob.

Commenting on the occasion, Mohamad El Yassir, the Regional Managing Director for MEA at Whirlpool Corporation, said, “We are proud of Whirlpool’s strategic partnership with ACES over the last 18 years, which has yielded significant results for our business across our brand portfolio. KitchenAid is renowned across the globe for its empowering performance, iconic design, and thoughtful craftsmanship and has been much-awaited by our consumers in Lebanon. This launch marks another step towards Whirlpool’s plan to expand its footprint in the region” he ended.

Gaby Antaki, Chariman at ACES SAL said, “We understand the pulse of the Lebanese market and are highly optimistic about this new partnership, despite the current challenging atmosphere in the region. Our partnership with Whirlpool Corporation has been a key success factor for our business in Lebanon.” He added, “We believe that that new iconic range of KitchenAid major appliances will inspire our sophisticated consumers who are eagerly waiting for it.”

Vertigo fridge- freezer and cellars

These new Vertigo fridge- freezer and wine cellar appliances are a gorgeous statement for food and wine preservation which are spacious on the inside with a perfect design on the outside. This fridge-freezer also comes with a high capacity, multi-temperature drawer in the freezer, professional wine storage which has temperature and humidity control and much more. The interiors have premium trimmings including stainless steel and wood shelves.

The Iconic Fridge

The Red Dot Award and iF Design Award Winner 2018 is a true and proper design object that rises above fleeting fashion and trends, asserting itself as a timeless icon for every passionate maker who feels the need to express creativity and passion for cooking with unique and distinctive style. Iconic Fridge is a freestanding refrigerator that smartly combines innovation and tradition, from its silhouette and exquisite materials to its professional performance. The Iconic Fridge was honored with the Red Dot Award 2018 for invoking a sense of heritage with a timeless beauty and also the prestigious iF Design Award 2018 in the Product Kitchen category.

Kitchen Aid’s Iconic Fridge is a fridge with a bold personality that comes in a polished metal chassis available in three colors: Empire Red, Almond Cream and Onyx Black. These three colors with their striking aesthetic impact offer distinctive style to any type of kitchen and environment. Thanks to its sleek lines, this most iconic fridge of the KitchenAid line perfectly complements any kitchen style, whether a classic living environment or a setting with an industrial feel, such as a modern loft with a metropolitan and high-tech atmosphere.

Twelix Artisan oven

Twelix Artisan, a new-generation oven that upholds professional results by producing delicious, flavoursome and nutritious dishes, has been redesigned with a new aesthetic that showcases the perfect blend between performance and attention to detail. This oven enables you to cook pure steam in a convection oven.

Effectively, this oven offers a wide range of functions: 13 professional, 8 special, 8 traditional and 4 steam. Moreover, three different cooking options are found in a single appliance: pure steam, steam assisted, and convection.

Chef Touch

Chef Touch is composed of 3 appliances: Vacuum Machine, for food preservation; Steam Oven, for cooking and reheating food; and Shock Freezer, for rapid chilling and freezing. They are all part of one sophisticated and stainless-steel column and work together in perfect synergy. The food can be preserved up to 3 times longer, thanks to the limit of the bacterial proliferation and ingredient oxidation.

Vacuum Machine: The first step for using your Chef Touch System is to vacuum-seal your raw and fresh ingredients and seasonings into special pouches through the Vacuum Machine. Thanks to the product’s advanced technology, this is an actual vacuum chamber that permits the residual pressure inside the pouch to reach a lower pressure level. When finished, the machine will close the bag with a watertight seal. The vacuum-sealed food is ready for cooking in the Steam Oven and can be consumed immediately or preserved in the fridge or freezer.

Steam Oven: This appliance is ideal for cooking vacuum-sealed foods, thanks to its highly accurate system of temperature control. With one of its 10 cooking functions, with either Combined or Pure Steam, your food will cook gently and healthily to safeguard the food’s taste, colour and consistency.

Shock Freezer: You can blast chill the pouch for fridge preparation, or shock-freeze it for freezer preparation. The KitchenAid Shock Freezer is capable of cooling or freezing raw or cooked food in minutes, preserving its aroma, taste and nutritional value with its three professional functions: soft blast chilling, hard blast chilling and fast freezing.

The KitchenAid range is available at ACES SAL official MDA distributor located at Beytech Jdeideh Mirna el chalouhi Highway and KitchenAid flagship showroom at Aishti Home Solutions.

by Anil George
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