With the Extreme Series, Panasonic launches industry-first detachable drum vacuum cleaner
February 4, 2020

Panasonic’s new Extreme Series vacuum cleaner line is targeted at providing the ideal cleaning solution for larger homes and similar spaces across the Middle East.  The Extreme Series Vacuum Cleaners are the first ever in the market to offer a detachable drum feature, taking fast, thorough and convenient cleaning to a whole new level.

With the Extreme Series’ ingenious design, Panasonic effectively eliminates extra physical effort from the user when cleaning spaces using a drum vacuum cleaner.  Thanks to its revolutionary drum that can be operated with a foot pedal control, dust disposal has never been easier.  Its big dust capacity further elevates the no-sweat cleaning experience as it allows users to get rid of every dust and dirt particles in every spot of the house without the need to frequently empty the drum.  Along with the powerful motor and large capacity dust drum, the Extreme Vacuum Cleaners are also built with big rollers for effortless movement over small obstacles such as thick carpets.  A cord rewind function eliminates messy, tangled cords, at the same time allows for trouble-free storage.  The low position of the hose also ensures improved maneuverability and stable movement.

Enhancing the appliance’s durability is the rubber shield on the motor, which keeps sand and dust out.  For extra safety, a ground chain is attached to the drum as a countermeasure for static electricity.  Finally, the Extreme Vacuum Cleaners’ Anti-Bacterial filter includes copper in the fabric, which eliminates odor particles through chemical bonding to keep the filter clean while improving room air quality and free of pollutants.

The Extreme range, available in five models, boasts unmatched performance with its extremely powerful suction capability.  Heading the series are two made-in-Japan models – MC-YL999, with 2400W input power and 21L capacity, and MC-YL989, with 2300W input power and 21L capacity.  The top-of-the-line MC–YL999 is built with a Full Capture Nozzle, which enables thorough cleaning right up to edges and in corners.  Completing the range are three Extreme Vacuum models manufactured in Malaysia – MC-YL798, with 2300W input power, 21L capacity and equipped with a Full Capture Nozzle; MC-YL788, with 2200W input power and 21L capacity; and, MC-YL778, with 2100W input power and 18L capacity.

The premium Japan models MC-YL999 and MC-YL989 will debut in the Middle East in March 2020.  Meanwhile, Extreme Vacuum models MC-YL798, MC-YL788 and MC-YL778 will be available in Panasonic showrooms and authorized retailers across the region in February 2020.

by Anil George
Avid follower of all things tech. In between his quest for the ultimate gizmo, Anil fiddles with light meters, collects rare books and feeds his fetish for Jap horror movies. As Managing Editor of T3 Middle East for the GCC, Anil oversees content direction across print and digital. He was a CES 2020 Innovation Awards Judge, reprising his role as an Innovation Awards Judge at CES 2018, CES 2017, 2016 and 2015. Anil is also the Middle East's first Brand Ambassador for Ashdown Engineering. Reach him at: editor@t3me.com.
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