Reebok releases “Free Range” video

January 19, 2015

A new short video has been released by Reebok to promote the “benefits of a free range fitness lifestyle”.

The video’s message comes right after the New Year, when most people’s resolutions revolving around having a physically active life, often fail or break.

The short film shows a chicken breaking out of the confines of its cage to go about life taking physical activity out of the mainstream as a way to encourage people who are part of a culture predominantly focused on more monotonous and dull activities to opt for a more active lifestyle.

“At Reebok we believe you shouldn’t make resolutions for only a year; rather, you should make them for life,” said Matt O’Toole, Reebok Brand President. “This is why we work with partners such as CrossFit, Spartan Race and Les Mills; fitness inspiration that provides the motivation to live out your resolution — motivations like community, versatility and pushing limits. Reebok believes an active life goes beyond physical benefits; it’s about bettering yourself mentally and socially as well. This is a point of view embodied in the brand’s new symbol, the Reebok Delta.”

Reebok states that the reason for the failure of keeping up with those resolutions comes from getting immersed into a “broken” fitness culture, and that the solution is for people to be involved in an inspiring fitness way of life.



by micha
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