Sauvage from Dior: Bursting with Masculinity and Charm

August 24, 2015


A curious tinge of pepper spliced with bitter fruit elements gives the Sauvage from Dior perfume its own edge. There is something overwhelming about the burst of freshness that it wafts into the room. With a prominent scent of citrus in the mix, it is male fragrance of its own kind. Carrying itself with dignity, a black lacquer cap awards the bottle gives it a gentlemanly image replete with luxury and style. And topping it all off is the Christian Dior signature, which puts it in a league of its own. A heavy-to-hold glass makes it feel like its weighted in gold, with an image teetering between murkiness and mystic power, as the shade shifts from a shade of black to a silhouetted transparent gleam. 


by admin