Strollers get an upgrade with Bosch’s new e-stroller

September 15, 2019

It will even help you push the stroller.

Nearly all appliances and accessories now have some sort of smart technology built-in. Coffee machines, doors, etc have all migrated to a smart design that now involves connectivity to your smartphone plus various other features. Strollers are now joining that bandwagon with Bosch’s e-stroller, which features Bluetooth connectivity and some advanced sensors.

This e-stroller has two low-noise electric motors on the rear axle where it works with a smart sensor system. This allows it to assess the type of road it is on so it can control the speed and acceleration of the stroller. If you’re on an uphill path, these motors can also help push the stroller up so you don’t have to. Just in case you accidentally let go of the stroller, special brakes will prevent it from rolling away. This is just one of the safety features built into the e-stroller.

Bosch also revealed that the e-stroller’s egonomics actually helps improve the parent’s posture, since there is less struggle to push the stroller on an uphill road. There’s also steering support that helps you control the e-stroller easier even on one hand. The brakes also guide the e-stroller when you’re going downhill, ensuring that it doesn’t go fast.

Most of the functions and configurations are available through the smartphone app available on iOS and Android devices. There’s a lithium-ion battery that gives a 15-kilometer range on a single charge. This battery can also reverse charge, meaning you can use to charge your devices just in case you’re out of juice.

But our favorite may probably be the alarm function, where it will tell you if you forgot the e-stroller outside. This function is entirely dependent on Bluetooth, where a warning will appear on your smartphone and an alarm will sound off inside the e-stroller’s built-in speaker and the brakes will automatically apply so it can’t go anywhere.

The e-stroller will be available in single, twin or sibling configurations. It looks good on paper, the question is, is it something parents are willing to invest on? 

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by Victor
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