Study reveals more people are running during the lockdown
June 24, 2020

Running has been found to be beneficial for people’s mental health.

The past few months have been especially difficult for some people since staying at home can lead to some mental health issues. But in the midst of all the chaos, it was revealed that many have started doing runs as a form of therapy. A new study by ASICS confirms this, and three-quarters of these new runners plan to stick with the new exercise routine.

More than 14,000 runners across 12 countries were surveyed, and 36 percent said that they are now exercising more compared to before the pandemic started. There was a big uptick in people exercising after most countries were put in lockdown and employed different social distancing measures.

Fitness tracking app Runkeeper also revealed that more runners are clocking up more stride, showing a 252 percent increase in global registrations and even a 44 percent increase in monthly active users when compared to the same time last year. Runkeeper also reported a 62 percent increase in people doing their weekly runs.

ASICS also said that in their study, it was revealed that 67 percent said that exercise was a way for people to destress and cope mentally when faced with challenging situations. 78 percent of runners also said that being active is a way to keep them sane while 81 percent said running plays a key role in helping them clear their mind.

“Despite the lockdown and social distancing measures, exercise and running, in particular, have become central to many people’s daily lives. Our study’s findings prove that a run is much more than just a run, especially in times of crisis. It’s a way for people to put aside the mental pressures and challenges of this pandemic and feel free,” said Linda van Aken, VP Running, ASICS EMEA.

On a positive note, the study finally said that 73 percent of runners said they want to continue running as much as they are now even after the pandemic ends while 62 percent said that they are sticking with their new routine in the future.

ASICS is also encouraging people to start sharing post-workout images on Instagram, telling everyone how exercise makes them feel. If you want to share your images, make sure to tag @ASICSME using use #RunToFeel.

by Victor Philip Ortiz
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