This is one cool accessory that you should have on your vehicle
April 23, 2020

Check out Landomo’s Car Night Vision Camera.

A recent survey suggests that almost half of all automotive accidents occur at night, with a major reason citing poor visibility. Most of the time, using the headlights on your car isn’t good enough, which at times can’t show the roads properly as you drive.

This is why the US-based company Lamodo is introducing the night vision camera system made for vehicles. Its camera system aims to increase the driver’s perception of seeing long distances especially in darkness or in poor weather that can’t easily be seen on headlights.

Suitable on almost all types of cars and trucks, the automotive night vision system technology was mostly present on luxury cars, but can now be fitted on nearly any model. The camera uses a 7 glass lens with infrared optical filter that helps you see clearer and brighter images.

The night vision camera has an 8.2-inch full HD display, with the camera supporting a night view distance of up to 300 meters. It is able to give you a clearer view of the road whether it’s night time, raining or if there’s fog.

 You can check out more information about Lanmodo’s Night Vision System on this link

by Victor Philip Ortiz
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