Turn health into wealth with Emirates NBD

November 19, 2015

Emirates NBD launches Fitness Account made for the Apple Watch.

Emirates NBD has just launched an initiative that will help you earn money while you get fit. Called the Fitness Account, this mobile savings account will let customers earn higher interests on their savings based on the amount of physical activity that they do.

You can earn up to 2 percent per annum on their savings based on the number of steps that you run or walk daily. The app was made for the Apple Watch, but you can also use compatible fitness trackers to track your steps.

Emirates NBD has detailed in press release how you can earn more money while keeping yourself fit. “Starting with a base rate of 0.25 percent, interest rates start stepping up with the number of steps that customers take daily, climbing to 0.50 percent p.a. as soon as they clock 5,000 steps, 1 percent p.a. when they walk 8,000 steps and to 2 percent p.a. when they cross 12,000 steps,” said in a statement.

A specialized app will need to be downloaded to your smartphone which will then work with your current fitness tracker to determine the amount of interest you are eligible for based on how active you are.

Additionally, customers who apply for the Fitness Account will also have a free insurance cover of AED 100,000 that is subject to a minimum level of daily activity. There are also vouchers and rewards up for grabs.

The launch of the Fitness Account is in line with the UAE government’s campaign to fight obesity in the country especially among the youth.

Customers interested in opening the Fitness Account can do so using the official Emirates NBD Mobile Banking App available for both iOS and Android devices.

by Victor
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