The new Radiomir 1940: Ticking with naval power

August 4, 2015

The new Radiomir 1940 is ticking with a wealth of horological history that keeps up with the pace of its predecessors, while it sails boldly into a territory of its own. Building  on the inspiration of  previous models, it is made out of more contemporary sports watchmaking tech that brings it from the fore and into the new. The Radiomir 1940 etches  its own name into the family tree of exceptional watches to which it belongs with a more classic than  vintage mark.  It is brought to us through sole distributor Wadih Mrad tel:  (04)404-439

It is composed of a matt black ceramic. As opposed to steel, ceramic adds to it a greater degree of hardness without losing out on lightness, while in the meanwhile also playing down the likelihood of scratches and corrosion. It is also able to sustain high temperatures.

Using the sandwich construction, it is a pleasure to hold and fold. Less is more with its minimalist dot and bar hour markers, so that you can tell your time while looking into an intuitive-go-simple albeit rich design. And while it almost passes for being a modern watch, you get your fair share of retro glory through a flattering Super-LumiNova that keep the markers luminous. This serves as an accurate reminder that this watch harkens back to the end of 1930s as it was originally designed for the commandos of the Italian Navy, who were supplied with watches by Panerai.

Time telling, as it happens, is delivered through the veneer of a large polished sapphire crystal window. The image of the Silura a Lenta Corsa, or what translates as human torpedo, keeps the naval spirit alive, as a valiant reminder of the honor it carries, every time you chance to check for the time.

At a glance:

– 48mm Radiomir 1940 case
– Case made of matt-black ceramic
– Lightweight, scratch resistant composite
– SLC dial
– Features the Calibre P3000 in-house movements
– Untreated brown leather strap
– 2 barrels, amounting to 3 days of power reserve 
– Black DLC coated titanium buckle


by Ghassan Khayyat
Ghassan was tuned into the writing world on a transistor radio-wave of an unbeknownst frequency, once upon a daydream dreary. With a firm belief in Dr. Seussims and all things gadget and gizmo-tronic, he tinkers before he speaks, and chooses his words technologically. He is Editor for T3 Middle East’s Levant English publication and English website, and Associated Editor for the GCC English publication. Reach him at