20,000 Apple customers are waiting for answers
October 29, 2014

A petition has been making the rounds this week aiming to push Apple to repair critical components of the 2011 series of MacBook Pro laptops. With over 20,000 signatures on the petition and 9,000 testimonials on Apple Support forums, the issue is leading to massive consumer backlash.

MacBook owners are reporting issues such as freezing and boot failures on their machines. It has become belief that the issues are stemming from the graphics processing unit. To repair the laptops, Apple will need to shell out serious cash to replace the logic boards. If the consumer were to pay outright for this fix, it would cost them hundreds of dollars.

In addition to the petition hosted on change.org, law firm Whitfield Bryson & Mason have announced today their intention to file a class action suit against Apple on the behalf of affected consumers. In the filing, it is stated that the logic board failure is due to the supposedly “greener” lead free solder used in the construction of the board. The solder apparently cracks over time, interrupting data transfer within the computer.

In the time before the suit and petition, those who sought repairs on their defective laptops had them repaired the same way they were constructed initially, leading to breakdowns sometimes within weeks of repair. Some owners were even forced to pay for their repairs due to apple refusing coverage based on damage the customers allegedly did to their laptops.

Since the announcement of the suit and petition, Apple has not released any official statement. They are most likely planning their next move with their legal team.  

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