3Doodler: 3D Printing made easy

October 14, 2014

After a successful Middle East launch a few months back, 3Doodler is now at GITEX Technology Week promoting the best of what 3D Printing has to offer.

3Doodler, the first 3D printing pen has had very successful launch here in the UAE a couple of months back fresh from its launch at Kickstarter a couple of years back. The device itself It utilizes plastic thread that is melted and then cooled inside the pen in which you can make 3D objects.

Since the launch, 3Doodler has have soft launches on various retailers across the country along with offering live tutorials and demos on how to use the device to make consumers aware of the benefits of the 3Doodler.

“We’ve sold 100,000 units in the last year alone,” says Daniel Cowen, co-founder of 3Doodler. “This makes it the highest-selling 3D Printing device on the market. It’s been phenomenal.” Cowen also commented on the inexpensive price (it costs only 475 – 499 AED) of the 3Doodler. “Even of the 3Doodler doesn’t have the accuracy of a 3D Printer, it has the immediacy to being able to pick it off – You are the computer. That’s why we can sell it at a lower price.”

We can easily see the educational benefits that the 3Doodler can offer. In fact, the company is working with schools in the US in delivering tools like this to children and even young adults, which have gotten very positive responses.

With the UAE having a great consumer market, this pushed 3Doodler to launch its product in the Middle East through its distributor Precise ME. ”We also start workshops that can showcase the capability of the 3Doodler,” said Corina Steidl, Marketing Manager for Precise ME. “We are currently trying to expand and try to sell more and more of these products which is quite challenging.” But she is still optimistic, considering that the interest for the device is very high, with fashion designers and teachers checking out what they can do with the 3Doodler.

With the release of the 3Doodler, Cowen said that it is just the start, and there must be a way to bring the costs down so that everyone can benefit from the technology – considering that early 3D printers can be very expensive. “We’ll always see 3Doodler as a compliment to 3D Printing in terms of price and accessibility,” he concluded.

You can check out the 3Dooler at their stand at GITEX Technology Week (Hall 8) which will run until Thursday at the Dubai World Trade Centre.

by Victor
Tech Enthusiast and Movie Buff.