5K resolution, 120 degree field of view… the Vive Pro 2 sets new benchmarks for PC VR

June 16, 2021

HTC Vive have announced regional availability of the Vive Pro 2 and Vive Focus 3 VR headsets, which look to set new benchmark for business and consumer VR, bringing 5K resolution and a 120-degree field of view as standard. HTC also announced Vive Business, its comprehensive range of tools designed to support businesses of any size to get the most out of VR.

Vive Pro 2

Vive Pro 2 boasts a stunning 5K resolution display delivers 2.5K to each eye, coupled with a beautifully fluid 120 Hz refresh rate, and fast-switching panel with real RGB sub-pixels, for crystal clear and super smooth animations. Field of view increases to 120 degrees thanks to Vive Pro 2’s new bespoke dual stacked-lens design. These advances mean minimal motion blur and the ‘screen door effect’ is virtually eliminated, giving people a more natural and immersive experience.

HTC Vive also worked closely with NVIDIA and AMD to optimise Display Stream Compression, for the first time in a VR headset. Display Stream Compression ensures maximum visual quality and is also backwards compatible with DisplayPort 1.2, so even graphics cards which supported Vive Pro will see a benefit with Vive Pro 2.

Vive Pro 2 has fine-adjustable inter-pupillary distance (IPD), evenly distributed weight balance, adjustable head strap, and a quick-adjustable sizing dial. Perfect for finding your personal preferences, and also sharing the experience with others. Vive Pro 2 has 3D spatial sound with Hi-Res Audio

All Vive SteamVR ecosystem accessories will work with Vive Pro 2 – Vive Trackers of any generation, the new Vive Facial Tracker, and more. Vive Pro 2 will slot into an existing SteamVR setup – whether it’s Base Station 1.0 or Base Station 2.0, older Vive controllers, or even controllers and gloves like Valve’s Index ‘knuckle’ controllers.

Vive Focus 3

The Vive Focus 3 is positioned as the ultimate solution for business VR, combining outstanding visuals with a smarter ergonomic design, superior audio and next level inside-out tracking and controllers.

The ultimate solution for business VR, the Vive Focus 3 has 5K resolution with class-leading dual 2.5K displays, a smooth 90Hz refresh rate and an ultra-wide 120-degree field of view, for exceptional immersion. The fast-switching display panel uses real RGB subpixels, practically eliminating the screen door effect. The new visuals mean fine details like writing and overall fidelity are dramatically clearer, allowing for software design and user interaction to be more natural. Vive Focus 3 delivers superior comfort, with a new strap design, balanced weight distribution, and an intelligently designed curved battery pack which is swappable. Vive Focus 3’s battery pack can be changed in seconds, allowing you to keep going on a non-stop day. Quick charge gives you 50% battery from just 30 minutes of charging, and an L.E.D indicator lets you know how much power you have left.

Durable and lightweight, the magnesium alloy frame of Vive Focus 3 is 20% lighter and 500% stronger than traditional plastics. Vive Focus 3 has a wide range and fine-adjustable Inter Pupillary Distance range, as well as a quick-release button and easily removable magnetic front and rear face gaskets – so it’s quick and effortless to swap in replacements or clean them – especially important on days when there are lots of different users.

Vive Focus 3 uses an AI powered inside-out tracking algorithm for precise tracking, with privacy at the forefront as all tracking data is stored in an encrypted format on the headset. The redesigned controllers are easy and intuitive to use – one of the lightest controllers on the market that last for 15 hours on a single charge. Hand tracking support will be released in the future.

Featuring the all-new Vive Reality System 2.0 which delivers a more streamlined and professional environment, the Vive Focus 3 is powered by a specially optimised Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 platform, combined with a copper heat pipe and cooling fan, so that it’s always cool under pressure.

Vive Business

Vive Business is a complete suite of software and services, supporting the needs of businesses looking to get the best out of XR. The Vive Business Management Device platform is a simple and intuitive MDM and is ISO certified, allowing IT to quickly and easily see the status of each Focus 3 on the network, remotely install new business apps, update software, and more. Vive Focus 3 is designed to work with Android Enterprise MDM, so it can also slot into pre-existing MDM solutions already active in your environment.

Building on the success of the consumer VivePort store, the Vive Business AppStore is a curated collection of apps and tools, covering diverse areas like training, communication, visualisation, and more. It’s simple to pick an app off-the-shelf, or even get in touch with the creator to tailor it for specific needs.

Jive Sync

Originally built as an internal communications tool to support collaboration on product design, Vive Sync was launched in Beta in June 2020. Now, having been used in almost 100 countries around the world, Vive Sync is launching in Pro and Enterprise versions, offering different new environments, tools, and ways to interact. Bring everyday files into VR, from Microsoft PowerPoint presentations through to 3D formats. Vive Sync is perfect for groups of up to 30 people

Pricing and availability:

Vive Pro 2 Headset version:

Pre-order begins 16 June 2021 in IAE and Mid July in KSA. Available on 9th July in UAE and July end in KSA/LGM, at AED 3, 399 (VAT incl.)and SAR 3,749 (VAT incl.)

Vive Pro 2 Full Kit:

Pre-order begins 15 August 2021 in UAE and mid September in KSA, available on 30 August 2021 in UAE and end of September in KSA. Priced at AED 5,999 (VAT incl.) and SAR 6,599 (VAT incl.)


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