A dose of Apple-related gossip

March 9, 2014

What’s new with Apple lately? We’ve gathered some recent random updates about one of the tech world’s frontrunners, just for you. 

Are you more prone to getting your iPhone lost or stolen than breaking it? Recent studies from ProtectCELL show that iPhone users have an over 60% chance of replacing their missing iPhone. Comparing to other smartphone users, iPhone owners have a 46% percent decrease in chance of replacing their handset.

Apple is rumored to be creating a new wearable device dubbed ‘iMe.’ The concept is said to include a curved retina display and sapphire glass as well as Touch ID like the iPhone 5S. In addition, it is expected to run on iOS 8  and have an aluminum exterior complemented by silicone. Presumed features include a heart rate monitor, motion sensor, and more.

Now, you can have the low battery percentage warning on your Apple device displayed on your Mac with the new utility, iBetterCharge.  Instead of checking your iPhone while walking out the door and finding the pesky 10% battery warning, the new app reminds you to charge the handset, whether it’s an iPhone or iPad, by sending pop-up notifications on your Mac desktop.

iTunes Radio seems to have a new competitor. Samsung has just announced its latest free radio service, Milk Music, which is ad-free and comes with over 200 stations to choose from. It also doesn’t require the user to log in, making music easily accessible.

Stay tuned for more updates about our favorite tech leaders. 


by micha
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