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A new type of ransomware is roaming the interwebs
May 14, 2017

Look for the ‘WannaCry’ ransomware.

A new type of ransomware called ‘WannaCry’ is currently roaming online that managed to infiltrate various establishments including hospitals and government offices around the world. The Windows-based virus automatically changes various filenames with the ‘.wcry’ extension and is encrypted. It won’t be decrypted until you pay a ransom amount.

Microsoft is said to have already patched the vulnerability last March, but since most users have not updated their Windows devices yet, the unfortunate ones were infected. One of its victims was the National Health Service (NHK) in the UK along with different establishments located in Russia and India.

Kaspersky has reported more than 45,000 attacks in 74 countries, a bulk of which is located in Russia.

Once your device is infected it will execute a decryptor tool that would only unlock your files after you pay a $300 ransom payable in Bitcoin.

At the moment, security firms are strongly advising infected individuals to avoid paying the ransom and instead check for online resources or use their current and updated antivirus software to remove it for them.

Here in the UAE, the TRA has reported that there are currently no incidents of the WannaCry virus in the country. “The #aeCERT team in the TRA said that so far we have not received any e-government services cases that are affected by the virus. TRA calls on the system administrators to increase the degree of readiness and continuous monitoring of the systems and to inform the authority in case their devices got exposed to the virus,” it said in a statement.

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