Actiongram: Telling a story from a different perspective

March 15, 2016

One of the new apps that Microsoft is planning to launch with HoloLens.

Microsoft’s HoloLens may be one of the best VR headsets to come out, and it look like the company is trying to give the device a more unique experience compared to other headsets in the competition.

Actiongram, one of the few apps made for HoloLens, allows you to create short mixed reality videos using various augmented reality tools. Normally for videos like these, you would have to have to have a certain level of knowledge in 3D graphics, but with the HoloLens, this process has been made simpler.

While the tools are free, note that you would still need a Microsoft HoloLens to be able to create such videos – given that the initial price for the development kit is $3000, it means that the experience will not be for everyone, for now at least.

“Actiongram not only shows how easy it is to be a holographic storyteller, it demonstrates that almost anybody can be a holographic developer,” Microsoft said on its blog.

A demo of Actiongram can be found below and for more information, you can check out the Microsoft Blog

by Victor Philip Ortiz
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