After the success of the Moto G, Motorola says it’ll still be making high-end phones

March 24, 2014

If you thought the release of the Moto G signified the end of Motorola’s high-end phones, think again.

The maker of the world’s first smartphone confirmed that it will still be manufacturing phones in caliber with the upper side of the market. It has just been sold to Lenovo from Google, so we’re in anticipation to see what it has in store in terms of its smartphones’ price ranges/levels.

Motorola’s chief software engineer, Steve Horowitz, maintains that the release of the pricier Moto X actually brought awareness to the brand’s smartphones and was a catalyst for the Moto G’s success.

Horowitz believes that if the Moto G had been shipped on its own, it probably wouldn’t have been as successful . The rationality behind this in his view is that since people related to the Moto X initially, they found it aspirational in terms of buying the cheaper Moto G to get around the same benefits found on the former.

So Motorola maintains that through selling high-end phones, this will push for the purchase of the lower-end ones since many will aspire to get something similar to the higher levels.

Among the ample amount of Android phones, what exactly made the Moto X stand out? For one it’s the notification and voice control elements, which still didn’t seem as enough to beat the Moto G’s price in face of its quality.

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