AI was used to upscale this 124-year-old video to 4K 60 fps

February 5, 2020

Neural networks were used to upscale the 1894 movie.

YouTuber Denis Shriyaev just posted a video on Reddit that saying that an old 125-year-old film was upscaled to glorious 4K 60 fps using only neural networks. Comparing the original clip to the upscaled one, the difference is clear and definitely impressive – dare we say it felt like it was shot on a smartphone.

Original 1894 clip

The 50-second clip titled “L’arrivée d’un train en gare de La Ciotat” was a French documentary that was released in 1894 and showed a train arriving at the Ciotat train station.

Upscaled 4K 60 fps version

Shriyaev said that this classic needed an update which is why employed various several neural networks to upscale the video and as you can see the results were nothing short of amazing. While he didn’t go into detail on how the upscaling process is, reports said that he might have used generative adversarial networks. These are the same kinds of neural networks that gained popularity due to its use of Deep Fakes.

While Deep Fakes are currently being used for criminal or incriminating purposes, it’s nice to see it being used in restoring old classics. The 50-second clip may not seem much, but we’re already getting a peek at how the future of technology will be.

by Victor
Tech Enthusiast and Movie Buff.