Aiisma controls the data you’re sharing and you get rewarded for it
June 30, 2019

The company has just launched here in the UAE.

Privacy has now become a topic of concern for everyone especially we’re now at a time that most interactions happen online, to which we sometimes forget that the things we share are seen by everyone. Aiisma, a company that calls itself a disruptive and innovative data ecosystem, has just launched its services here in the UAE. It aims to reward consumers that are willing to share their data and helps enterprises access this information in a well-structured manner.

But you may have reservations when you hear about ‘sharing your data’. Aiisma says that their ecosystem serves as a data exchange platform where consumers can connect to various businesses. Organizations can request user data in what they call a transactional format so that consumers can treat their own data as some sort of asset. This asset is what Aiisma says will help the consumer earns the reward – though it wasn’t said revealed yet what reward that will be.

Aiisma pioneered in the platform, which they call a data marketplace, which aims to be beneficial to both the business and the consumer. The service is currently in beta, with a full rollout to happen later this year in the UAE and India.

Aiisma stressed that current data protection laws are too complex, which is either isn’t too lenient with consumers or it becomes too challenging for businesses. Aiisma says that their mission is to bring back the ownership of data back to the consumer and at the same time give businesses an opportunity to properly and legally access the consumer’s data.

Dubai-based Varun Sridharan has recently joined the team as an investor and co-founder, said in a statement: “If you had an oil rig, you would not give your oil away for free. So why give your data away without charge when it can be just as valuable? This recognition was part of the motivation to create a transparent data transaction ecosystem between the consumer and the businesses, disrupting dated, traditional data gathering methods.”

Aiisma’s ecosystem will officially roll out by the end of this year in the UAE and India. Interested consumers can contact Aiisma to participate in beta testing. For more information, you can visit their website at


by Victor Philip Ortiz
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