Amazon UK glitch causes items to be sold at 1p

December 14, 2014

And some lucky ones who got random items for free.

Amazon recently had a glitch on its store where it accidentally sold items for 1p rather than its real retail price. The glitch affected the software being used by some of the third party resellers using Amazon.

On a report by Sky News, RepricerExpress, the software used by these stores said that some companies could risk going into bankruptcy due to the glitch. The software in question automatically reprices items on stock so it can compete with other online stores.

Other merchants have expressed concern about the software glitch, with some even losing as much as £20,000 overnight. The CEO of RepricerExpress has already stated that it is working with working with Amazon to get the problem rectified and will not penalize the vendors for the error. Amazon itself has yet to make a statement on the issue.

Additionally, another glitch on Amazon’s ordering system caused about $5600 worth of products to be shipped to a 22-year old student in the UK. Items range from a Samsung 3D TV to a Sony PlayStation console and even a leaf blower. The student promptly contacted Amazon to inform them of the mistake – but Amazon’s response? He can keep the products.

I’m sure his Christmas will be even merrier this year.

by Victor
Tech Enthusiast and Movie Buff.