Amazon’s next-gen Kindle is now availalbe in the UAE
April 10, 2019

The first entry-level Kindle with front light.

Amazon’s entry-level Kindle has finally gotten a front light upgrade, making it easier to read in any lighting condition. the previous Kindle in this generation offered no backlight, meaning that if you want to read, you’d pretty much have to turn the lights on.

This Kindle has a 6-inch screen, though it has a lower 167 ppi resolution compared to the more expensive Paperwhite, which sports 300 ppi. It may be one of the few drawbacks to keep the price low, considering that this Kindle only costs 359 AED. Text may look slightly blurrier, but overall it’s still comfortable to read on.

The new Kindle also has Bluetooth so you can connect wireless headphones if you would want to listen to audiobooks. It still holds a decent amount of battery life, so you don’t always have to keep a charger handy. Amazon promises up to four weeks of usage on a single charge, similar to what previous Kindles offer.

Other features include 4 GB of storage and a micro USB port for charging and data transfers. The new Kindle isn’t waterproof, but that’s not really a deal breaker considering its price.

The new Kindle is now available on

by Victor Philip Ortiz
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