AMD’s Ryzen chips are here!

February 23, 2017

Same performance as Intel’s Core i7 at a lesser price.

Poised to compete with Intel’s Core i7 processors, AMD’s Ryzen processors are finally here. The company’s new powerhouse chip will come in three models: 1800X, 1700x, and 1700.

AMD’s Ryzen processor will be an octa-core, 16 thread using the Zen architecture on a 14 nm manufacturing process. On a recent presentation, AMD showcased how the new processors gave a 52 percent improvement over the previous AMD generation of chips.

Despite the big improvement in performance – which is almost with Intel’s high-end Core i7 range, the prices of these new Ryzen processors is its main draw. The R7 1700 starts at only $329 while the top tier R7 1800X comes in at half the price of its Intel counterpart at $499.

The new AMD Ryzen chips will be available on March 2nd.

by Victor
Tech Enthusiast and Movie Buff.