An electronics king joins forces with a cycling giant

July 15, 2014

Guessed who we’re talking about? If not, we’ll give you a hint: the former’s name starts with an ‘S’ and the latter starts with a ‘T.’

Okay, okay… if you’re still guessing, we’re talking about Samsung Electronics and Trek Bicycle. The two renowned companies have partnered to integrate Samsung’s wearable technology and fitness features into Trek Factory’s Racing Team and bikes.

“Fitness and wellness are important parts of people’s lives, and Samsung is continuously focused on integrating meaningful features into our smart mobile devices,” said Younghee Lee, Executive Vice President of Global Marketing, IT & Mobile Communications Division at Samsung Electronics. “Through our collaboration with Trek, we will be able to better understand the needs of cyclists to enhance their interaction with mobile devices and enable athletes and fans to stay connected and active in their daily lives.”

Samsung and Trek plan to work closely together to assess any challenges encountered, alongside opportunities, to ascertain that the Trek Factory Racing Team is always ready for its compeitions.

In case you’re not so familiar with the Racing Team, it’s among the top professional cycling teams worldwide that starts its competitions with the Tour de France and competes in the UCI World Tour.

Samsung’s Gear devices allow the team to monitor their health, speed, and racing performance. As for the Galaxy creator’s tablets, the Trek team can also use them to communicate and plan the races’ routes, as well as strategize effectively and achieve optimal teamwork. Pretty efficient, if you ask us.

To additionally increase efficiency from the partnership, Samsung will use the team’s feedback to further enhance its future mobile product lines.

The mobile devices to be provided for the cycling team include the Galaxy S5 and the Gear line, along with its tabs. “Trek shares the vision of bringing new technology to sport, and we are excited to join forces with Samsung on this strategic alliance,” said Joe Vadeboncoeur, Vice President of Product Development and Marketing at Trek. “We believe the innovation of Samsung’s mobile technology will transform the riding experience for professional cycling teams and consumers around the world.”

Let us know what you think about Samsung’s efforts in introducing health-relevant solutions that encourage consumers to live a healthy lifestyle.

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