App of the Week: Disney Gif

June 28, 2015

The third party keyboard for everyone.

The support for third-party keyboards on iOS 8 opened a plethora of possibilities on how you can interact with everyone. Not just keyboard with extra functionalities were introduced but also keyboards that use moving images – or GIFs.

Disney Gif is one of the new third party keyboards to be introduced on iOS. It lets your browse through thousands upon thousands of GIFs that you can use to convey your thoughts in messages. The keyboard will also let you browse through content from familiar franchises such as Toy Story, Star Wars, Aladdin, Frozen and The Lion King.

“Visually express yourself in a whole new way with Disney Gif! Whether you’re feeling happy, sassy, villainous or magical, there’s no better way to show how you feel than with your favorite characters and moments. Whatever your emotion or reaction, we have a Disney, Pixar, or Star Wars gif for that!” Disney said in a statement.

The Disney Gif keyboard is now available for free on iOS devices. 

by Victor
Tech Enthusiast and Movie Buff.