Apple hires health talent for the iWatch/iBand

May 6, 2014

Apple’s much-rumored wearable device is looking increasingly likely to arrive with a major health focus, following several new hires at the company.

Apple is said to have hired at least six biomedical experts in the last couple of months, according to Reuters. This news has only fuelled the rumors of a health-focused Apple iWatch or iBand wearable device arriving later this year. Among the companies Apple has poached staff from are Vital Connect, Masimo Corp, Sano Intelligence and O2 MedTech. You’d be forgiven for not having heard of them, but each company focuses on medical monitoring technology. Throw in the fact Apple has already hired a sleep-tracking expert from Philips, and you’ve got all the ingredients for a fitness tracker or smartwatch.

According to Reuters, Apple’s new staff is focusing on the development and integration of sensors that will go into the iWatch.

Fuel’ing the rumors

The hirings come after it became increasingly likely that Nike’s Fuel score technology will play a major part in the iWatch. At the end of April, Nike confirmed that it was dropping its Fuelband product range to focus on software. And it also hinted the first fruits of the move will arrive on the iWatch later on this year.


by Hossam Ali
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