Apple made their own SIM card – and for good reason

October 19, 2014

Here’s that one tiny bit Apple didn’t announce last Thursday.

Apple event last Thursday quickly highlighted the new iPads, OS X Yosemite and even a peek at the new iMac. But what Tim Cook and the entire team at Apple didn’t reveal is one particular feature of the iPad air 2 that would prove beneficial to most users – a SIM card.

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Yes, Apple made a SIM card – though they’re not introducing their own networks. Every Cellular version of an Apple iPad Air 2 that you purchase will already include a SIM card. Called Apple SIM, this particular SIM card is able to connect to all current networks without having to routinely removing or replacing the SIM card. It will initially support US and UK carriers, but it should be making its way to other countries soon.

While the Apple SIM will initially support the iPad Air 2, it is likely that it will also support iPhones in the future, letting you freely travel to other countries and simply activate existing plans without having to replace the SIM card.

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by Victor Philip Ortiz
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