Apple’s HomePod won’t come this year
November 20, 2017

Delayed to 2018.

Apple’s venture into the smart speaker market has hit a snag. The Siri-powered HomePod was scheduled to be released this holiday season after being teased last June has been moved to an unspecified date next year.

No official reason was given, and an Apple spokesperson simply mentioned that it needs more time for the speaker to be ready. The HomePod was scheduled to be released initially in three markets: US, UK and Australia.

The HomePod will feature Siri that will control most of its functions. It will also integrate with various home appliances where you can ask Siri to control the lights or even your room temperature.

Similar products like the Amazon Echo and Google Home have already found their respective fans and have had great sales. Moving the release date to next year is a missed opportunity for Apple’s HomePod.

But who knows, maybe Apple has a couple of surprises left when the HomePod finally launches in 2018.

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