Archos announces new fully touchscreen smartwatch
January 30, 2014

Earlier this month at CES, Archos revealed the company’s first wearable tech item: the eInk Archos Smartwatch, and now it has stated that it is continuing to develop it.

The French company is namely known for its inexpensive tablets, so it was a surprise to see the new smartwatch at Vegas this year. The smartwatch sports just two physical buttons to match a curved e-ink display.

Now, Archos is stating that it’s working on making a completely touchscreen interface.

The chief executive of the company, Loic Proirier, stated that the watch should be out in the market in a matter of months; more precisely, in about six to seven weeks.

Joining forces with E Ink company, Archos reports the new smartwatch to be the first to have a curved eInk LCD, but the one that’s currently being worked on to follow will differ in that it’s to have a full touchscreen.

Among the advantages of utilizing eInk, according to Poirier, is being able to obtain more battery life and one can still read impeccably under sunlight.

The smart watch is anticipated to have a price tag of about $165, along with being released with two other more basic models. One will be priced at around $133 and the other at about $83. 

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