Asus’s ZenWatch will be available for purchase in US tomorrow

November 8, 2014

Asus will giving the US a piece of the Android Wear smartwatch line with its ZenWatch, set to go on sale in the US tomorrow.

The ZenWatch boasts a rectangular design and is by far the first Android Wear handset to include customized software to complement UI features. 

We’re quite curious to see what Asus has in store with this device in particular, given its freedom thanks to Google.

Although Android wear can be seen on other smartwatches such as the Moto 360, we think that it does look more attractive on rectangular-shaped screens rather than the more circular ones.

Although Asus’s new smartwatch won’t include built-in GPS, the AMOLED display on the ZenWatch should be flaunting the rest of Google’s features pretty well along with enhanced battery life.

Customizable straps are also on the options front. The ZenWatch will be sold for $199 in the US starting in Best Buy and then in the Google Play Store. 

by micha
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