IK Multimedia at the NAMM Show 2020: The AXE I/O Solo steals the show!
February 13, 2020

The annual NAMM Show in Anaheim, California is one that is key to the recording industry, a single point for new launches as also new trends to come.  As always, IK Multimedia had a whole series of announcements on future devices that will evolve and revolutionize how IK users work in the studio and on stage.

So here we go:

iRig Pro Duo I/O

A sequel to the much acclaimed iRig Pro Duo, this is a 2-channel audio/MIDI interface with analog inputs to record microphones, guitar/bass, keyboards, synths, and more.  You can freely connect multiple instruments to record an entire jam session on the fly. The new iRig Pro Duo I/O features updated mic preamps with increased gain, as well as the addition of a USB-C cable to work with all of today’s latest devices and new, dedicated PC drivers to ensure optimal performance on laptops and Surface tablets.

The iLoud Micro Monitors go white

The iLoud MTM studio monitors have taken on a new look with a brand new white version.  With all of the same great features, transform your studio in style with a choice between a new sleek white or classic matte black monitors. As before, the iLoud MTM offers DSP Phase Correction and built-in acoustic self-calibration via the included ARC reference microphone, to automatically adjust the frequency response to its placement.

New T-RackS Sunset Sound Studio Reverb

Take a step into music history with the recording rooms of Sunset Sound studios available now on your Mac/PC.  Hosting a long list of past and present music legends from Janis Joplin, Prince, Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, Van Halen, and Fleetwood Mac, to Rage Against The Machine, Khalid, Sheryl Crow and so many more, this studio has become a hall-of-fame for artists of all kinds. The T-RackS Sunset Sound Studio Reverb is your chance to step into this studio and give your tracks this timeless sound with a suite of convolution reverbs capturing the sonic vibe of each room, booth, chamber and plate, all using the original mics and consoles of each studio room.


A truly high-end audio interface for everybody was the promise of the original AXE I/O, and how it delivered! The AXE I/O SOLO, a new entry into the AXE I/O family of high-end guitar interfaces with advanced tone-shaping features. Developed by guitar players, for guitar players, this interface offers the best recording experience possible. AXE I/O SOLO is a compact 2-in/3-out USB audio interface that features IK’s high-end PURE microphone preamp, an instrument input with tone-shaping options, an exclusive Amp Out to incorporate real gear into a recording setup, and 24-bit, 192 kHz converters for pristine recordings in all musical genres. With the dedicated Amp Out, AXE I/O SOLO can seamlessly connect to AmpliTube or other guitar-friendly software, real amplifiers and stompboxes to offer a world of tone straight out of the box.

Z-Tone Buffer Boost & Z-Tone DI

The Z-Tone Buffer Boost offers a high-quality instrument preamp with exceptionally low noise and wide frequency response, and multiple circuit topologies to adapt to any type of guitar, pick-up and style. You can use this control to coax a wider range of sounds from a single guitar, experiment with how the rest of your rig reacts to these changes, or dial in exactly the right vibe regardless of what comes next in your chain – live on stage or in the studio.

Come to the Z-Tone DI, and this premium active direct box is packed with unique features for both flexible routing and tone shaping. First, an active/passive pickup switch adapts to any instrument to keep your signal as clean as possible.  Next, both PURE and JFET circuits give you more tonal options, from completely transparent and colorless to adding subtle midrange focus and warmth.  It’s like having two preamps in one.

AmpliTube Joe Satriani

In partnership with Joe Satriani, IK’s newest artist signature collection, AmpliTube Joe Satriani, available for Mac/PC, iPhone and iPadit offers a convenient way to play, practice and record anytime and anywhere using precise models of the amps and pedals that were created alongside Satriani himself.

by Anil George
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