The Lanmodo Vast Pro is the ultimate night vision dash camera
August 5, 2020

A safer way to drive at night.

Recent statistics have shown that most car accidents usually take place at night, most of which are blamed on poor visibility. This is one of the reasons why Lanmodo has released its night vision dash cameras made for vehicles. With their latest model the Lanmodo Vast Pro, it boasts a high-resolution color image to make it easier to see in the dark.

Think of the Lanmodo Vast Pro as a Driving Safety Assistant that would aid you when you are driving at night or times when visibility is low due to fog, rain, or snow. There’s an 8.2-inch, 1080p display that offers a full-color image and along with a 45-degree field of view, there is enough detail for you to see what normal eyes can’t see at night.

Additionally, the Lanmodo Vast Pro is able to see distances of up to 300 meters, so it is easier for you to see what’s in front of you even when the visibility is low. This can work well for when you are in a foggy area or something similar. The Lanmodo Vast Pro is also designed for larger vehicles like trucks, where the rearview camera can be customized so you can see the truck tail.

The device supports dual recording of both the front and rear views with support for up to 128GB of storage. When the storage gets full, recordings will automatically overwrite the oldest recordings. A G-sensor is also present so it can effectively detect a collision and locks in footage so it can’t be deleted and in turn, can be used for future reference. 

Lanmodo currently lists the Vast Pro with a 128GB TF card for $619, but as part of its ongoing Golden Member promotion (that you would need to pay $10), you can get the dashcam for only $199. More details about the promotion are available here

by Victor Philip Ortiz
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